Sounds and Souls: How music teachers change lives

Ruth’s new book affirms teachers and their good work

Teachers give out constantly; many receive little thanks or appreciation

‘Your excellent work is valued!’

Available as hard copy and eBook

Tips to:

  • Motivate, retain and inspire students
  • Understand learning styles and personalities
  • Make technique palatable and create a sense of rhythm
  • Prepare students for successful exams and recitals
  • Help students handle criticism
  • Create positive parent-teachers relations
  • Handle stress and deadlines, block in ‘Me Time’
  • Manage the business, both studio and school
  • Share a love of your art

Ruth writes: ‘Music lessons can be springs of rejuvenation in the desert patches of pupils’ lives. You help them blossom in arid times.’ But teachers must not dry out through constant giving and never receiving. This book validates, encourages and uplifts.

What the reviewers say:

‘Ruth Bonetti has a wealth of experience and knowledge and in this latest book she shares practical solutions to some of the most vexed issues facing the 21st century studio teacher.’

– Dr Rita Crews, President, Music Teachers’ Association of New South Wales.

‘In this compact 200 page book Ruth Bonetti has distilled a lifetime of practical wisdom packed with essential information for music teachers. She has produced a comprehensive overview of the role, rewards and tribulations of being a music teacher and the many ways and means of addressing a multitude of issues. Her hands-on experience, artistic flair and intelligence are in the forefront of this most readable book from which all can benefit. This is not a book that one sits down and digests at one sitting. One needs time to contemplate some of the issues addressed in order to assimilate the concepts. The bibliography alerts the reader to some significant sources. I highly recommend this very valuable reference book.’

– David Shepherd, former Dean of Music and Senior Lecturer in Clarinet at Elder Conservatorium, Adelaide University

‘ A comprehensive collection of information, tips and techniques for music teachers from a practising teacher and performer. In a practical and straightforward way, Ruth Bonetti covers every aspect of the music teaching enterprise, from running a business (insurance, fees, lesson agreements) to managing yourself (health, relaxation, maintaining energy levels), to managing students (developmental stages, motivation, special needs) and their parents. The book is well organised and easy to read, provides numerous examples and amusing anecdotes from years of teaching experience.’

– Debbie Terranova, Brisbane, Australia

‘Music teachers looking to become reconnected or simply looking for new ideas will find ‘Sounds and Souls’ to be a valuable resource. It provides practical information about dealing with students and parents, while also addressing the emotional needs of the educator. Everything from tips on sleeping well to sample lesson agreement forms is included. There are URLs and other pieces of information that could become dated, but otherwise, very useful text. (I received this book through a goodreads giveaway.)’

– Alyssa, Ohio, USA

‘A perfect book for your friends who are music teachers!’

– Anne Hamilton, Brisbane Australia

‘Ruth Bonetti has written a book that not only demonstrates the value of music tuition but offers invaluable advice on how to run a private studio. No matter how long you have been teaching, you will find something in this book that will enhance your experience. Thank you, Ruth, I will always treasure your sage advice.’

– Karen Kelly, Gundagai, NSW, Australia