Ruth Bonetti – Testimonials

Comments from The Experts:

Ruth Bonetti’s book “Taking Centre Stage” offers sound advice for both amateur and professional entertainers/speakers alike. Ruth tells of the fearful experiences that super professionals like Cellist Pablo Cassals; Actor Paul Newman and pianist Anton Rubenstein had to ‘get through’ before they performed. It’s a wonderful book…absolutely choc full of great tips and information. I have learnt much from the book.

Max Hitchins APS FASI AAMI
Past National President of National Speakers Association of Australia, 1995/96
Selected by NSA America for the International Ambassador’s Award 1997
Selected by NSA Australia for the associations highest honour -The Nevin Award 1998
Selected by Sharing Ideas Magazine as the World’s Consummate Speaker of the Year 1999
Elected as World President/Chair – World Federation of Professional Speakers, 2000/2001

“I like your relaxed writing style and all the practical natural remedies you suggest. It really is a book for the 21st century!”
Margaret Brandman, composer and teacher

“As far as I know this is the only book of its kind that is focussed on performance in the arts. You have done an excellent job and the book is written in a constructive, interesting and sensitive manner. I am sure that it will help a great many people with what is a very common phobia.”
Professor Peter Yellowlees, Director, Centre for Online Health, University of Queensland.

“Ruth Bonetti’s information-filled book, Taking Center-Stage, is a wealth of ‘how-tos’ for those who are fearful of performing in public. The author explores the ‘whys and hows’ of specific problems and presents numerous solutions from pre-performance to actual situations.”
Patricia Ball, CSP,CPAE, 1999-00 Chair of the International Federation for Professional Speakers Past National President of National Speakers Association, USA.

“Taking Center-Stage will help you get over what many people say is their greatest fear, the fear of speaking in public.”
Dave Gorden, CSP, CPAE, President, National Speakers Association, USA

Comments from USA Seminars:

“Ruth’s American seminars were repeated by popular demand and she returned for another month of presentations in Minneapolis. I cannot say enough positive about Ruth Bonetti’s work as a performance coach. I know of no one else with her specific credentials. I am only too eager to have her return to our faculty.”
Dr Victor E. Gebauer
Executive Director, Lutheran Music Program Minneapolis, USA

“Thanks to you, I feel a lot better about playing in concerts.”
Leslie Godfrey , New Jersey, USA

“What a life-saver! Your workshop and your book really helped me get over my stage-fright.”
Anna Laino, Ohio, USA (singer)

“Ruth’s work in coaching was a new dimension for us and became more successful than I had anticipated. Certainly we need to consider a special place for that in future – hopefully with someone as caring and fun as Ruth was! Please let me know if you are interested to return.”
Dr. Victor E. Gebauer, Executive Director Lutheran Music Program, Minneapolis, USA

“Thank you for being an inspiration to me at camp.”
Kurt Schmidt, Florida, USA (singer)


“Ms Bonetti was fully prepared for the presentation, both culturally and subject-wise, and delivered in a very well thought out and professional manner. It was both culturally sensitive and provided a lot of variety to keep them interested.”
Lyn Wing, Executive Officer, Australia-Japan Foundation

“Thank you for your inspiring seminar on Communication. You were able to fit the mind-set and address the issues which concerned the staff confidence, faith in their own ability, brevity and relevance as well as the lovely yoga session which relaxed everyone. They all enjoyed the experience and it was a great bonding – which you so ably led. We look forward to being Bonettied again,”
Michael Bryce, Partner, Minale Bryce Design

“Thank you so much, Ruth, for enriching the lives of our staff with such a professional and enlightening presentation. The feedback has been fantastic!”
Sheena Harris, Manager, Westpac Business Direct

“Overwhelmingly, our visitors thought it a rewarding experience. You clearly made great efforts to understand the cultural and linguistic challenges.”
Don Smith, Director, Australia Japan Foundation

“So many commented that the course helped them professionally and has been instrumental with their job advancement. They love your positive, empathetic and lively style.”
Lynette Palmen, Women’s Network Australia

“The feedback from our staff was enthusiastic and positive. Comments included it was entertaining but informative – very refreshing, and easy to understand and relate to, constructive and non-threatening. For myself, I now know that I can handle any public speaking opportunities and will have the ability to make the most of them.”
Joan Falconer, Associated Planners Financial Services, Gympie

“The Australian Institute of Management is proud to have a speaker such as you to present to us. The audience was attuned to your every word.”
Cath Healy, Australian Institute of Management, Queensland

“Ruth Bonetti has a rare, perhaps unique expertise in performance preparation and conduct. Students responded so positively to her seminars and coaching that we had to expand her workload and schedule additional sessions. I cannot say enough positive about her work as a performance coach.
Dr Victor E. Gebauer, Executive Director,
Lutheran Summer Music Program, Minneapolis , USA

Ruth was expert at including everyone in attendance and making it fun and helpful. Both faculty and students were caught up in her charming and sincere manner of presentation. It was a wonderful experience. I am happy to recommend Ruth Bonetti?s work, both in print and her workshops/coaching sessions. She is making a much-needed contribution to our profession.
Mary Natvig, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Mary Natvig, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA

Ruth Bonetti delighted the Summer School participants with her infectious humour, vibrant personality and ability to involve everyone. Her presentations were a highlight due to Ruth’s charisma.
Malcolm Potter, President, Music Teachers’ Association, South Australia

Comments from James Cook University Seminars:

“Great! It is exactly what we need – we need MORE of it. A pity she couldn’t stay longer.”

“Great. A lot of positive ideas.”

“I would like to have heard more. Very helpful.”

“It was a great follow-up to the book, and a lot of helpful hints for me to think about.”

“Very good. Opened up a new thing for me, which I found relevant and helpful. Finally something that explains a lot.”


“The talk was well received … and generated much interest. Her presentation was lively, informative and well pitched for the audience.”

Readers say:

“I used to have claustrophobia, fear of heights and of flying. Since reading your book I can now manage lifts and heights. I hope that soon I will be okay with flying.”

“I read your book to help me through a piano exam and it worked like a charm. I amazed myself when I realised after the exam that I had not experienced ‘butterflies’ in the tummy and for most of the time, my fingers were totally under control.”

“Thanks again for a very amusing and helpful book.”

“My desire for perfection took over and performance became a gruelling effort. Since reading your book this has changed… It has become a pleasure to give of myself through music.”
Nicole Amies, Brisbane

“A healing, compassionate little book.”
Marjery Smith, Lecturer, University of Newcastle “I want you to know your book ‘Taking Centre-Stage’ helped me pass my A.Mus A exam”
Wendy WItt, Hope Island

Critics say:

“… it is mandatory reading for all would-be performers whether young or old, seasoned or otherwise.”
Mary Nemet, Stringendo, Vol 22, No. 1
“The skills and advice offered here may do more than make you give better performances – they aim ultimately to enhance the quality of your life.”
Australian Clarinet and Saxaphone.