Workshops for Performance Confidence!

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Ruth Bonetti motivates students to reach their potential… and inspires teachers to guide them on the path to success.

Her workshops reinforce teachers’ input and refresh those essential skills they need to help their students shine. Having delivered seminars in schools and universities across Australia, Europe and in the USA, Ruth will adapt her programs for your situation.

Choose from:

  • Day, half-day and shorter interactive workshops/presentations;
  • Master classes and one-on-one coaching:
  • Multi-level reinforcement of learning process at student teacher-parent levels

Working with groups of any size, in your school or at any venue, during school or after hours, Ruth’s advice and encouragement is a sound investment in the success of your students and the professional reputations of your teachers.Ruth’s seminars and keynotes cover the gamut from positive preparation to confident performance. Her practical solutions for performance anxiety empower musicians to project with poise, clarity and to shine on the platform.

“Thank you from core of my heart for illuminating me with the techniques of overcoming the stage fear. I am very grateful!”
Sandeep Harish, India


Motivate, Retain and Reinforce
> Student > Teacher > Parent


Prepares confident performance with tips to
> Practise > Polish > Perform



How to Practice for Success

Learn ways to vitalise practice (and teaching!), enliven boring technical aspects

  • Set (and reach!) goals; time management for busy life-styles
  • Fortify practice of scales, arpeggios, chords
  • Prepare for a confident performance – and shine!
  • How to succeed in exams, recitals & auditions

Learn practical tips to improve your results!

  • What jurors and examiners look for
  • Your MUST-DO list
  • Countdown to the big day
  • Pre-exam warm-up and focus
  • Tips to ensure memory, clarity, poise – and perform to your ability
  • 7 Easy Habits for Confident Performance

You’ve practised hard, you have ability – but are you able to walk on stage and shine? This workshop will help you face the audience without fear, enjoy the moment and succeed. Learn practical, do-able techniques to:

  • Channel adrenaline into energy, focus
  • Cure shakes, butterflies, brain fog.
  • Survive mistakes and hazards mid-performance
  • Enjoy confident performance – whether you present through Words or Music.

“What a life-saver! Your workshop and your book really helped me get over my stage-fright!”
— Anna Laino, singer, Ohio , USA

Enjoy Playing the Clarinet

Days of Excellence Program (One-Day or Two-Day Programs)

Choose topics from the above (and suggest others that may be created specially for the needs of your students) to create a One-Day or Two-Day Program.

Your help and encouragement gave me the confidence to change everything I was doing with my music. I graduated from High School and am now studying Music Education at Valparaiso University . The confidence you gave me shows now I might not be the best sax player in the world but I am proud of what I do. Thank you! – Robert Chambers , Indiana USA

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FACULTY IN-SERVICE: rejuvenate and refresh skills

Every teacher has watched a talented student fail to realise their potential – through poor organisation, laziness, fear of failure, or nerves. Ruth comes to your school or conference knowing how hard teachers work, and how talented they are – so you won’t hear what’s “wrong” with teaching methods, or what’s NOT being done.
Instead, your teachers hear practical skills that will make their tasks easier.Ruth’s workshops will reinforce teachers’ input and refresh those essential skills they need to help their students shine. It’s an exceptional experience in a profession that constantly gives, but rarely receives!


How to Motivate and Retain Students

“Have you practised at all this week?” Why are some students “all talk and no do”? Others decimated by adverse comments? Learn useful insights to assess personalities and optimise results. Maintain students’ enthusiasm through torrid adolescence and final year stresses. Teach to the different “temperaments” of students; take the next step beyond teaching just to learning styles.


  • Constructive strategies to motivate and inspire students’ practice
  • How to empower students to perform to their ability – and Ensure STAR PERFORMANCE!

Professional Parent-Teacher Communication

In a litigious, “user-pays” society, teachers can learn to defuse potential issues before they escalate; to handle intense and aggressive parents with gracious assertion; to set boundaries and manage parent interactions with assurance. Tips to enlist parental support for music programs and to motivate their students’ progress.

Speak Confidently in Classrooms, Rehearsals & Parent-Teacher Meetings

Your voice is your tools of trade. Learn tips to minimise strain from talking over student noise and frequent switching between singing and speaking.

Teacher Rejuvenation: How to Empower Students to Shine in Performance

(available as a one-day workshop or choose modules for shorter sessions)

Learn constructive and positive strategies to empower students to shine in public performance. Boost your students’ results and your professional reputation. Refresh and enhance your teaching experience.

Create your In Service day from the modules above, suggest other relevant aspects to incorporate, or choose individual modules. Ruth will tailor special sessions to ensure optimum relevance.

Here’s a sample program:


9.00 am Welcome. Introduction: Competing for student time in busy schedules
9.10 am How to motivate, retain and inspire students

11.00am Tea break (15 Minutes)
11.15am How to empower your students for confident performance

12.45pm Lunch (45 minutes)
1.30 pm Professional Parent Relations

3.30pm Afternoon Tea (15 minutes)

3.45 pm Assert Your Voice with Confidence
4.45pm Debrief; Visions for the future; Finish


Thank you for your insightful and entertaining seminar. Your accessible techniques and common sense advice provided a great deal of inspiration for further discussion and activities in the classroom.
Daniel Dries, Head of Music, SCEGGS School, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Optional aspects if time and interest permit:

  • How to make a success of a professional business practice
  • Studio Teaching Methods

It was a great workshop, and I’m sure everyone came away inspired and ready to conquer their sabre toothed tigers!
Miriam, Dawood, President, Music Teachers Association, Gold Coast

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PARENT Talk: How to Help your Child Enjoy Music – and Succeed

“My child is so talented but won’t practise…” How many times have we heard that?erase-pressures-illust

Many parents despair that their children don’t reach their potential.
This One-Hour Workshop helps concerned parents to give their children the edge in the competitive arena of music performance. Hear practical strategies to:

  • Support and motivate your children to perform to their best abilities
  • “Work smart” in hectic lifestyles.
  • Prepare for successful recitals, auditions and examinations – invaluable for those coping with pressure situations such as Year 12 Extension Music programs.
  • Understand what examiners seek in a winning performance – and succeed
  • Help create a home environment that is music friendly
  • Defuse the battle ground that is music practice.

From her perspective as a professional musician, examiner, educator and mother of three sons, Ruth Bonetti solves common issues such as:

  • How can I enforce boring practice?
  • Should I sit in on lessons?
  • ow to ease performance stress?
  • My child has talent but has lost interest!

PARENTS: Is music practise a battle-ground?

Here are helpful tips! Ruth’s leaflet titled Help Your Child Enjoy Music

Download your copy here: Australian version | USA version

It was great to have Ruth present for another Summer School. She has an effervescent manner and her sessions were jam-packed with many useful points.
— Music Teachers Association, South Australia

I enthusiastically support the work of Ruth Bonetti. She fills a need in the world of musicians with her teaching expertise, patience, understanding, creativity and charisma.
— Dr. Beth Ray, Assistant Professor, Ithaca College NY, USA

“The students liked your lively interactive style, and the visual impact of the Power Point presentation. As always, I found the presentation to be well-organised and thought-provoking.”
— Gwyn Roberts, Senior Lecturer, School of Music , University of Queensland

“I was most impressed with your presentation – well structured and designed to provide each musician with an immediate sense that he or she could improve, using your strategies. While the strategies I saw you presenting and teaching were for musicians, they are really generic learning strategies. It was presented in a credible manner and with high energy.”
— Merilyn Walsh, Head of Senior School, Ormiston College, Queensland

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